piano lessons

Beginning with 15.03.2020, Boem Club Music School, the largest Private Music School from Romania, offers personalized piano lessons one to one for all ages (children, adolescents and adults) and all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, 7/7, 9:00-21:00.

Boem Club Music School Teachers are Conservatory Graduated experienced in teaching. They teach using the music school method and curricula that proved to be successful during the past 10 years of lessons.

Lessons are held either in English language or in Romanian Language.

Piano lessons for all ages

The piano lessons for those aged 4-5 years old are conceived so that the children have the possibility to try and explore music together, acquiring gradually the fundamental knowledge about music and the art of playing the piano. This program includes singing, playing the piano, rhythmic activities, sound reproduction.

The program of piano lessons especially created for those of 6-7 years old takes into consideration the natural desire of this age for learning in a recreational and friendly atmosphere.

For the program of piano lessons dedicated to those aged over 8 years old we took into consideration the possibility of learning plays at 4 hands adapted to their age as well as learning some melodic musical parts which would increase their pleasure of playing the piano.

The program of piano lessons for adults helps you read and play music in different styles; basic tunings, sound recognition, theory and symphony.

In all piano programs we include the possibility of learning creative improvisations and ensemble experiences: backing, chamber music. The piano lessons give the possibility to read at first sight, sounds and musical fragments recognition and reproduction, theory, piano technique, repertoire, improvisation and symphony.

Piano lessons for all levels

The piano classes destined for beginners take into consideration the way of introducing them to the world of music through learning the basic elements about musical notes, rhythm, presenting ways of producing the sound at the piano and presenting the instrument, the distribution of the keyboard as well as learning some melodies appropriate for the student’s level.

The piano classes for the intermediates follow the developing of the musical knowledge and the diversification of the student’s repertoire, the improvement of the theoretical knowledge about music, the learning of new technique processes and instrumental interpretation.

The aim of piano classes for the advanced is to deepen the notions about music in general and about piano in particular, in all its aspects.

The essential condition for participating at these music classes which every participant has to meet at the music classes in general and at the piano ones in particular is having the availability and pleasure of playing an musical instrument, listening to the music and taking part in everything that means creating an artistic act.

For images from the lessons you can visit the photo gallery page. For sequences from the classes and from the shows visit the demo page.

All those who are passionate about music are invited to participate at the piano classes, especially thought for the music lovers.