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Beginning with 15.03.2020, Boem Club Music School, the largest Private Music School from Romania, offers personalized piano lessons one to one for all ages (children, adolescents and adults) and all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, 7/7, 9:00-21:00. Boem Club Music School Teachers are Conservatory Graduated experienced in teaching. They teach using the music school method and curricula that proved to be successful during the past 10 years of lessons. Lessons are held either in English language or in Romanian Language.


The piano lessons are open to all music amateurs, regardless the age or the level. Each has the possibility of developing the level of musical knowledge and to deepen the notions known at a general level.

Music lessons take place in Romanian or in English.

How long does a piano lesson last and how does it take place?

The duration of a piano lesson is 50 minutes, time in which the piano teacher focuses on the teaching of instrumental technique and interpretation part. The piano classes are individual and personalized according to your knowledge in the musical field and to the musical level of each.

Who are we?

The largest and most important private school of music in Bucharest, with 3 headquarters in Bucharest: Alba Iulia Square, Dorobanti Square and Cotroceni Square.

Boem Club Music School is the first and largest private club music in Bucharest, with 10 years of experience in the field of music lessons, with a team of 45 teachers graduates of the National University of Music and more than 10 persons in the administrative department.

The quality of lessons, the large number of students and teachers, the educational grille, the musical projects and campaigns, musical events, scholarships and competitions make Boem Club a landmark in the private schools of music. Boem Club Music School offers since 2009 individual or group music lessons for all ages – children, teenagers and adults – for all levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Music lessons take place in the 3 headquarters Boem Club in Bucharest (Alba Iulia Square, Dorobanti Square and Cotroceni Square), in Romanian or English, daily from Monday to Sunday, between the hours 9:00-21:00. Registration for music lessons Boem Club can be done by phone, email or in person at receptions. More than 600 students are weekly attending music lessons at Boem Club.


Boem Club Alba-Iulia

  • Chiparosului Street, no. 36, 3rd district, Bucharest (Alba Iulia Square – Decebal Avenue)
  • receptie@boemclub.ro
  • 0735 641 594

Boem Club Răzoare

  • Drumul Sarii street, no. 39, 5th district, Bucharest
  • receptie@boemclub.ro
  • 0735 641 594

Boem Club Dorobanți

  • Intrarea Bitolia street, no. 65, 1st district, Bucharest (Dorobanti Square)
  • receptie@boemclub.ro
  • 0735 641 594

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